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To easy learning the “Aero Dynamics Algorithm”

● Creating and analyzing the fly object action to easy



Plate capacitor                     ISE5093
It is a capacitor which allows you to prove that the electric capacity depends on the distance from the framework and on the dielectric material. It can be used to show the flux lines of a uniform electric field too.

Thermal Expansion apparatus provides easy and accurate measurements of the coefficient of linear expansion for brass, copper, and aluminum by the rescue where heat the inside of test material uniformaly and directly..

The expansion of the metal is measured with 0.01 mm resolution using the built-in dial-gauge.


Steam generator is extensively used in the thermodynamics experiment in the heating of the test materials.

This product installed the external heater that is main cause of malfunction of existing goods in internal.

Therefore reliable working and maintenance free is possible.

Science Education



List proce of CoDrone Package
Sample ~10pcs-----------$199
200 to 499 pcs -----------$173

500pcs over ---------------inqury

List proce of CoDrone Lite Package
Sample ~10pcs-----------$169
200 to 499 pcs -----------$142

500pcs over ---------------inqury



CoDrone Project
CoDrone is best solution for understanding the cording eduction based on quad corpter. 

For examining the deflection of electron beams in a uniform magnetic field using a pair of Helmholtz coils P338001 and for the quantitative determination of the specific charge of the electron e/m. Glass vessel with integrated electron beam system, consisting of an indirectly heated oxide cathode, a Wehnelt cylinder and a perforated anode, in neon residual gas atmosphere with precisely set gas pressure and with integrated measurement marks for parallax-free determination of the diameter of the fine beam.

Gas atoms are ionized along the electron path and produce a sharply defined, visible fluorescent beam.

  • Newton’s Law

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Uniform Motion

  • Spring Constant

  • Motion under constant acceleration

  • Inelastic collisions & Elastic collisions

The dynamics system is designed for use with many sensors, such as the motion sensor, photogate, accelerometer and the datalogger.
Standard specification 1.5m (options : 1.2m)
Dynamic system                      ISE-1001
Newton's 2nd low demonstration track

Specific charge of the electron-e/m ISE-9638

Thermal expention                 ISE-8578 
 Steam generator                     ISE-310

Spec & Composition

Size: 250mm×100m×(H)400mm

Launcher: 3 step with protractor.

Steel ball ---: 1” (25.4mm, 2ea)

The Projectile Launcher has been designed for projectile motion experiments and demonstrations.. Balls can be launched from any angle. And The Projectile Launcher pivots at the muzzle end so the elevation of the ball as it leaves the barrel does not change as the angle is varied Launchers has three range settings.
Parabolic motion & Launcher     ISE-6800

  • All parameter are accesssible

  • Precision Angle indicatior

  • Low friction

  • Easy timming

  • Large Inertia Disk

Low friction and open designed Gyroscope can studies of rotational momentum.
Lows of Gyroscope/3-axis gyroscope  ISE-8960
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